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Athlete Services

Injury Assessments

Athletes who have suffered an injury should be evaluated by a sport medicine physician. If an injury occurs, ASM has physicians available at multiple locations to evaluate the injury, and determine the optimal course of treatment, whether it is a surgical or non-surgical intervention.

If rehabilitation is the recommended treatment, ASM has an extensive network of physical therapists that they worked with that the athlete can be referred to for continued treatment. Additionally, if the athlete has an athletic trainer at their school, the physicians will provide all pertinent information to them so that the athletic trainer can assist in the care of the athlete as well.

If your injury is severe and an athletic trainer is not on site, call 911 to get emergency care.

To schedule a consultation with an Andrews Sports Medicine physician, please call 205-939-3699.

Concussion Management Program

Concussions can occur in any sport or physical activity, and are increasing in frequency in youth soccer. Recent research shows the head injury and concussion rates in soccer are similar to those for football and ice hockey. These injury rates are comparable not only for elite athletes, but also for male and female youth athletes at the recreational and competitive levels.

The ability to protect the long-term health of athletes after sustaining head injuries is more effective then ever; however, it is critical that concussions are diagnosed immediately after the injury so that proper medical treatment can be implemented.  The establishment of a concussion management program will be one of the top priorities of the sports medicine team, and will include testing programs, post-injury care, and parent/coach educational awareness opportunities. This program will be developed with the inclusion of some of the top concussion specialists in the country, some of whom have assisted in the creation of the national concussion treatment guidelines