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About the Partnership

Q: Why would Alabama Soccer Association partner with healthcare providers?

  • Our mission is to foster the physical, mental, and emotional growth of players of all ages, by creating and increasing opportunities for wholesome participation. Partnering with both Andrews Sports Medicine and Orthropaedic Center (ASM), the leading provider of orthropaedic care, and Marc Bernier, a physical therapist and strength and conditioning specialist with nearly 40 years of involvement with soccer, provides ASA members and families an unprecedented opportunity to access the very best resources for injury prevention and treatment. 


  • This innovative partnership makes ASA the only soccer state association in the Southeastern Region to develop a comprehensive sports medicine program that provides robust resources for educating coaches, parents, and athletes on injury prevention and provides access to the best treatment options for all areas of orthropaedic and sports medicine injuries.


Q: Why is ASM interested in partnering with the ASA?

  • At ASM, our mission is to provide exceptional care for all patients with orthropaedic injuries and conditions, no matter where they live or what their role in life. Providing exceptional care means focusing on injury prevention when possible.


  • Dr. Andrews and his group of physicians have been researching injury prevention for youth athletes for many years, and are world renown for continually pioneering the latest and best techniques.


  • In addition to physicians studying concussions and other common soccer injuries, one of our specialists, Dr. Benton Emblom is currently conducting research on strength training programs for female soccer players to prevent ACL injuries. Over the years, Dr. Emblom has worked closely with Samford University, University of Alabama, and University of Tampa women soccer teams.


Q: Why is Marc Bernier interested in partnering with the ASA?

  • Marc's interaction with professional athletes and the clubs they play for during his career exposed him to the "professional model" of sports medicine. This model is based on the premise of establishing a staff of experts from multiple fields within sports medicine to provide the most optimal care for athletes. As a result of this experience, one of Marc's professional goals has been to establish a similar program at the youth soccer level, ensuring that youth soccer players have access to the top medical experts to assist in their recovery.  


Q: How do I contact ASM and/or Marc Bernier?

  • To contact an ASM physician, please call 205-939-3699 or visit the ASM website


  • To contact Marc Bernier, please email or call 205-913-3532.


Q: What can ASA members look forward to?

  • We have developed a new page on the ASA website exclusively dedicated to sports medicine. This page will contain frequently asked questions about the prevention and treatment of common soccer injuries, among other important information from our partners. Be sure to check back regularly for the latest updates.


  • In addition, the ASM physicians and Marc Bernier have offered to provide educational opportunities for members of the ASA, and have agreed to speak at coach/parent meetings as their schedule allow. In fact, Dr. Ricardo Colberg and Marc Bernier recently spoke at the 2014 ODP Sub-Regional Event in Decatur, presenting lectures on concussions and ACL injury prevention to parents and coaches. The feedback received from the presentations was extremely positive, so it was decided to continue offering this benefit to ASA members in the future.