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Injury Prevention

The sports medicine staff is committed to reducing the incidence and severity of sports injuries. The clinical team is actively involved in educating athletes about injury prevention and recognition. the physicians at ASM and Marc Bernier have been very active in providing injury prevention educational seminars to parents and coaches in all sports. The presentations offered are based on the latest clinical research, and the information presented has been proven to be effective in reducing injury rates.  Recent research indicates that an effective injury prevention program requires a more comprehensive approach, and includes addressing core weakness, nutrition, proper training techniques, and monitoring for overuse/over-training. The sports medicine staff will incorporate the input from experts in each field of sports medicine to provide for this comprehensive approach.

Injury management and prevention information will be available to parents, coaches, and athletes via several formats:

  • Written Articles
  • Links to injury information on the ASM website
  • On site seminars for parents and coaches
  • Providing an "Ask the Experts" section on the ASA website for specific questions