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Youth Module 1

Alabama Soccer Association is now supplying online coaching education in partnership with US Youth Soccer.  The course takes the approach that the GAME WITHIN THE CHILD is at the center of all beliefs, decisions, and actions taken by the child, coach, and organization. 

The U6-8 module is free to all ASA affiliated members. Plan to participate, and have fun. No testing invovled.

Below is a summary of the Youth Module 1.

Youth Module 1 

This course is designed for the parent/coach of U6 and U8 age groups. The course teaches basic methodology and activities that are developmentally appropriate.  The Youth Module will continue to have the 2 hour field session; however, the classroom portion of the course has now been placed online.

Part 1 - Online (1 hour)

Self paced internet course with topics on child development, philosophy of coaching, role of the youth coach, care/prevention, parent management, and small sided games.

Part 2 - Field (2 hours)

Open discussion about the online portion of the course, followed by field sessions, showing U6 and U8 player development activities.

Taking the Youth Module is easy!

  1. Each candidate must register for the online portion of the course and a field session by clicking the registration below.
  2. Candidates need to complete the online portion of the course prior to attending the field session.
  3. Candidates should attend the field session they selected during the registration online process. Candidates will not be accepted into the field session without pre-registering and completing the online portion of the course.
  4. After the field session, the instructor will submit the attendance sheet to the ASA State Office. One week after the completion of the course, candidates can go back into the system to print out their YM1 Certificate.

Click here to register for the online Youth Module 1 course.