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D License

US Soccer has made considerable changes to the structure, focus, and objectives of the 'D' License Course.  The new course is designed to guide and instruct the candidate to:
1. Develop coaching competencies to effectively teach u13-14 players and teams using a "guided candidate focused approach."
2. Understand characteristics and needs of athletes in the Intermediate Stage of the US Soccer Development Model.
3. Build on a foundationof knowledge and experience to allow progression through the sequence of coaching development courses.
  • The D License is 36 hours spread over two weekends; however, the course will now have a new 'concept' introduced
Requirement for D License Course

Beginning Jan. 1, 2013, waivers into the D License Course will NO LONGER be accepted. Even if a coach has a previously-approved waiver, it will no longer be considered valid.

Holding the US Soccer "E" Certificate/License for a minimum of six months will be the only prerequisite for the D Course.

All coaches must have successfully completed the E coaching certificate course and hold the E coaching certificate at least 6 months before attending a D License course.

Candidate Responsibilites
  • Be in attendance, bring a soccer ball, and participate in all activities (field/classroom)
  • Wear appropriate soccer attire and writing materials to take note
Preparation Phase (Prior to Instructional Phase)
  • Prepare, implement, and self reflect on 3 practice sessions (See below)
  • To be submitted to Alabama Soccer Association Technical Director  at least one week prior to Instructional phase
Instructional Phase (First Coaching Weekend of the US Soccer D License)
  • Coach must attend all hours of the weekend
Deliberate Practice Phase (Time between Instructional and Performance Review Phase)
  • Prepare, execute, and reflect on 3 training sessions in own coaching environment. (See Below).  Communicate with instructor for guidance and evaluation
  • To be submitted to Alabama Soccer Association Technical Director one week prior to Performance Review phase
Performance Review Phase (Second Coaching Weekend of the US Soccer D License)
  • Coach must attend all the hours of the weekend
Course Material:
Practice Assessment Tool
  • Includes Practical Coaching/Field Exam, Oral Exam and various assignments
  • $125.00 + an additional $35.00 for anyone not registered w/ASA in current season