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Alabama Soccer Association- Coaching Education Program Overview

License Course Pathway

U.S. Soccer, U.S. Youth Soccer and NSCAA do not officially recognize any 'equivalent' licenses - foreign or domestic. When NSCAA courses are used as a prerequisite for entry into a U.S. Soccer course (and vice versa), these only serve as an accepted indicator on where to begin on the license course ladder

Where Should I Begin?

License Course Recommendations for Clubs and Coaches

Coaches may begin their educational journey by beginning with the Youth Module 1, Youth Module 2 or Level 1 - 3 (NSCAA Pathway). We would certainly encourage all coaches to do all beginning level courses; however, if you must choose one, be realistic with your background and experience in the sport.

If you have limited playing experience at a competitive level (did not play in college or beyond) and have little to no coaching experience, begin with the Youth Module 1 or Youth Module 2 or NSCAA Level 1, 2 or 3 diploma.

If you have competitive playing experience (college or beyond) and have 1-2 years soccer coaching experience, begin with the USSF 'E' license or NSCAA Level 4, 5, or 6 diploma. For further information on coursework, see links below.

Youth Module 1 (U6-U8)

Prerequisite None
Number of Hours 3 Hours (1 hour online; 2 hours field)
Pre-Course Work? No
Cost Free for ASA members; $30 for non-members

Youth Module 2 (U10-12)

Prerequisite None
Number of Hours 3 Hours (1 hour online; 2 hours field)
Pre-Course Work? No
Cost Free for ASA Members; $30 for non-members

NSCAA Levels 1 & 2

'E' License

Prerequisite None
Number of Hours 18 Hours (8 hours classroom; 10 hours field; plus pre-course work
Pre-Course Work? Yes. E License Pre-Course Work
Testing Candidate "Practice" Coaching (2 Sessions)
Cost $85 (ASA Members); $125.00 (Non-Members) 
Course Information US Soccer E License
Yearly Schedule 6-8 times per calendar year. Typically January/February, August, November

NSCAA Levels 3-6

'D' License

Prerequisite 'E' License (for at least 6 months)
Number of Hours 36 Hours (10 Classroom; 26 hours Field; Plus pre-course work.   
Pre-Course Work

Yes. D License Pre-Course WorkCandidates must design and execute a session plan for each of the 5 topics listed in the Preparation Phase.  Click HERE for the list of topics. The session plans must be emailed to the Technical Director one week prior to the course.


Required on 2nd Weekend. Candidates receive a grade of National Pass, State Certificate, or Not Ready . Candidates that receive a State Certificate may re-test within one year. Candidates that receive a Not Ready, must retake the course.


Weekend 1 (Instructional Phase) - $100.00 (ASA Members); $150.00 (Non-Members)

Weekend 2 (Performance Review Phase - $100.00 (ASA Members; $150.00 (Non-Members)

Course Information US Soccer 'D' License
Yearly Schedule Typically, twice per year. Starting Summer 2014, there will be 2 Instructional Phase Weekend's offered at different locations and 1 Performance Review offered at a central location.

National Youth License

Prerequisite National 'D' License
Number of Hours 6 Day Course or 2 Weekends (Friday-Sunday)
Pre-Course Work Yes. Required Reading
Cost Approximately $500-800 depending on State Association, Lodging, Location
Biennial Schedule Hosted in Alabama, usually once every two years (2014, 2016, 2018, etc.)
Specific Schedule December 12-14 & 19-21, 2014, Birmingham.  Click HERE for more information. 


C License

Prerequisite Have held either for a minimum of 12 months - D License (National Pass) or NSCAA National Diploma
Number of Hours 9 Day Course
Pre-Course Work Yes; Assigned prior to course
Cost Range:  $800 - $1,200, depending on State or National site, Lodging, Location
Biennial Schedule Hosted or co-hosted by Alabama, usually once every two years (2015, 2017, 2019, etc.)

NSCAA National, Advanced National, and Premier Diplomas

B License & A License

US Soccer Coaching School Information

US Soccer National Coaching School Calendar

C License Re-Testing Calendar

National Youth License Calendar



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