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Target United Cup


Target United Cup



$100 Early Bird Discount if Registered by October 6

Click here for the entire information document.

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Target is joining the world of soccer, taking part in the sport’s inclusivity and family-friendliness via engagement in local youth and national professional play. Target United Cup is a series of youth soccer festivals/ tournaments across 21 markets in partnership with US Youth Soccer, reaching +18,000 players in addition to their family and friends. 

Target will host the Target United Cup Village, a unique and engaging oasis among fields of play where families can enjoy some fun while they cheer on their children and where players can take a break between games. Activities include: emcees driving engagement and hosting legend appearances on the Celebration Stage, the Family Patio where guests and players can grab a snack, a Soccer Playground featuring an oversized billiards table played with soccer balls, the Relax and Recharge Lounge offering a place to take a seat while also staying up-to-date on tournament play. Guests will also create fun memories with various integrated photo experiences throughout the footprint. 

The Target United Cup with take place on Saturday November 4th and Sunday November 5th. 

Weather permitting, each team will be guaranteed 3 games (2 on Saturday and 1 on Sunday). There are no playoffs or championships. This is a FESTIVAL format.

*ASA Members receive a discounted registration fee.  Teams/players that are not registered with Alabama Soccer Association/US Youth Soccer will pay an additional fee to register so that they can participate. 



ASA Youth Academy Member Teams*:

U9-10 $350 (7V7)

U11-U12 $400 (9V9)**

Non-ASA Youth Academy Member Teams:

U9-10 $450 (7V7)

U11-U12 $500 (9V9)


Registration LINK, CLICK HERE

*ASA Members receive a discounted registration fee.  Teams/players that are not registered with Alabama Soccer Association do not receive the Member Discount. 

** While the current Youth Academy is only for 9U-11U, the 12U age groups will participate in this similar festival format.

Registration Deadline- November 1, 2017

Payment is due in full at application.  Teams not accepted will be refunded the entire amount. 

Credit cards or e-checks only.


Click here for the entire information document.

Click here for the list of hotels/properties for the event.


Registration LINK, CLICK HERE

Registration is completed in the GotSoccer registration system. If you do not have a current GotSoccer team account, you can create one to get registered.

If my application is accepted I acknowledge that my payment will be deposited upon acceptance and if payment is refused, my application may be revoked, and I acknowledge that:

1) My team (players, coaches, and parents) understand that this is a festival format where results are NOT posted and there is no CHAMPIONSHIP FORMAT

2)  Once accepted no refunds are allowed. Every effort will be made to play all games in case of inclement weather.

3) My application must be reviewed by the festival director before my team is accepted.

4) Submitting an application does not guarantee acceptance

5) Games may be shortened to accommodate a delayed schedule.


Explanation of a Festival Format

A “festival” format differs from a “tournament” format in many ways in that festival format is focused on each player, parent, and coach enjoying a good soccer experience were more of an emphasis is placed on development rather than on winning. Too many times in youth sports we overvalue winning and expect young players to behave as adults and professionals. We must stop doing this if we are ever going to battle the fact that 75% of kids are quitting sports by the age of 13 and today’s generation of kids are the first in the U.S. to have a shorter life expectancy than their adults. We are not saying that winning is not important- we strive to do our best every time that we step onto the field, however, we will not have win at all costs mentality. Therefore, there are no playoffs or championship games and we hope that players are able to compete and learn at the same time while having fun. Here are the ways that a festival is different:

· First, a festival allows for teams to know exactly how many games they are to play and who their opponents would be in advance of the event.

o Teams do not have to worry about potential additional games in playoffs. Scores will not be posted because scores would not determine who got a trophy.

· Second, in the “festival” format coaches have more incentive to play all players equally, experiment with line-ups, and have more time to observe (long-term gain) rather than coach to win (short-term).

o Players will realize that not every error is necessarily life and death and the opportunity to be creative and take chances is encouraged.

o Parents should enjoy the games a little bit more because the pressure to win, which already exists in leagues and tournaments, is off and consequently the pressure on the referees is less and the whole demeanor of the sideline should improve.

· Third, in a “festival” format, the idea is to match teams with similar ability levels. This way there are still high degrees of competition. In fact the degree of competition might improve.

o Instead of schedules being devised to ensure the host clubs team gets to the final, and its strongest potential opponent is scheduled away from it until then, now schedules can put teams of like quality together immediately.

o Rather than a good team having three walkover type results and then one meaningful final game there is more to be gained playing three competitive games to close scores and leaving the event having learned more about the team’s competitive ability.

· Winning and losing can still matter, but that does not have to be because the winner gets a trophy. Rather the results matter in terms of what the team, its players and coaches and parents learned about each player’s and the team’s soccer ability.

Target United Cup Age Group Pairings- Rationale for 2 year age cohort

The athletes in the 5-12 year old range are considered Zone 1 soccer players (also known as the “golden age” of learning right before the growth spurt). All children develop at different rates and development is not always linear. By combining these two age groups together, player development should be enhanced through creating a larger player pool to account for a wide range of ability levels. I.e. early bloomers or more advanced 9U players may sometimes find a good fit with other 10U players and vice versa.

Target United Cup Divisions

The plan is to provide appropriate match-ups based on ability level and not just chronological age. There will be three divisions at the ASF:

The Academy Division for 9U-10U and 11U-12U.  Teams will be recommended by their Youth Academy Director/Club DOC in two tiers:

i. More Competitive

ii. Competitive

The third division is the Recreational Division for 9U-10U and 11U-12U for teams* that do not currently play in a sanctioned US Youth Soccer State League or the ASA Academy. *Exceptions can be made to join the Academy Division by the Festival Director.  Any questions about team placement, please contact Emma Greenwood at or 205-991-9779.


Our goal is to find the most appropriate match-ups so that players can focus on the process instead of the outcome. Players should compete to do their best (be competitive), but should also enjoy it and have fun. We have to help curb the epidemic of 75% of players dropping out of sport at the age of 13.


SEC Women's Championship Schedule (all players & coaches receive free tickets to the match)
Sunday Finals- 2:00 p.m.
ASF PLAYER CLINIC ON FRIDAY NIGHT- 6:00-8:00 p.m.  (free for participating players) 
(2) Saturday game times will be:
U9/U10- 20 minute halves w 5 minute half-time
U11/U12- 25 minute halves w 5 minute half-time 
(1) Sunday games will be:
U9/U10- 25 minute halves w 10 minute half-time
U11/U12- 30 minute halves w 10 minute half-time