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2014-2015 ODP Seasonal Information will be published Early September 2014.

8-26-14 Inaugural Elite Player Development Program kicks off with success in Tuscaloosa.  Read more...

2013-2014 RECAP

Thank you for being a part of our program for the 2013-2014 season and participating in the Region Trials.  I really enjoyed my first year here as the Technical Director and was very proud of our teams and coaches at the Region Trials.  Overall, we view the Trials as a success because our teams were full with quality players, they all played quality soccer within the US Soccer Curriculum, shape, and style (building from the back, possession style with quick transitions).  All of the teams and individual players showed improvement from the beginning of the year and we had 22 players make the Region Pool with another 12 make the Honorable Mention List.  Although it is not the ultimate measure of success, our teams went 17-7-7. 

However, if your player did not make the Region Pool this year, you should not see this as a failure.  That couldn't be farther from the truth.  In ODP we challenge our players to strive for continuous improvement and to become the best soccer players they can become.  They are able to go and measure themselves against the other best players within our region.  We hope that they have become a better player throughout this process. 

Region Pool Players: 22

Boys: 15


Honorable Mentions/Paper Pool Players: 12

Boys: 1

Girls: 11

Overall record 17-17-7.

97 Girls

  • Honorable Mention- Rachel Lane
  • Honorable Mention- Carly Lanter
  • Honorable Mention- McKenna Matzek  


98 Girls

  • Avery Batson
  • Honorable Mention- Sam Rowley
  • Honorable Mention- Jordan Richmond


99 Girls

  • Heitho Shipp
  • Honorable Mention- Ali Thomas
  • Honorable Mention- Aubrie McFall
  • Honorable Mention- Hannah Moody
  • Honorable Mention- McKenzie Nowin
  • Honorable Mention- Aliya Seebrat


00 Girls

  • Madison Martin
  • Julia Pack
  • Nicole Payne
  • Honorable Mention- Hailey Whitaker
  • Honorable Mention- Lexi Duca


01 Girls

  • Tara Katz
  • Hallie Meados


97 Boys

  • Clayton McDonald
  • Omar Hamid
  • Jack Stein


98 Boys

  • Dylan Bradley
  • JJ Williams
  • Kai Pham
  • Honorable Mention- Spence Chanthavane


99 Boys

  • DJ Benton
  • Liam Condone
  • Holland Rula
  • Brandon Servania


00 Boys

  • Clay Holstad


01 Boys

  • Kyle Toutanji
  • Tanner Tessman
  • Jaden Servania
  • Alex Wichmann


-Coach Zac

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