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ODP Overview



The mission of the Alabama Soccer Association is to identify and train the elite player, providing opportunities for these potential region/national players.

Through the years, clubs have become modern and sophisticated, with year-round programming circulating around player development. The Olympic Development Program acts as a supplement, giving elite players opportunities to play with and against the best, while providing them exposure at the regional, national, and international levels.

ASA State Staff is comprised of coaches at the club, high school, and college levels. All coaches are nationally licensed, and are committed to enhance the development of each player, while assisting them in obtaining college scholarship opportunities.

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The Program 2016-2017 Season 

2000 – 2003 Age Groups



Alabama Soccer Association will continue to use a scouting system for these age groups, which will be the primary method for identifying players. We believe a player competing in their own environment gives a more accurate assessment of his or her strengths/weaknesses.  Reducing the calendar for these athletes limits overtraining and decreases overuse injuries.

Players can be evaluated primarily in events, such as State League, Region 3 Premier League, National League, State Cup, and Southern Regionals. The scouting staff will consist of ASA, Region 3, and US Soccer personnel. The ASA Technical Director will coordinate and have final approval on invitations to the ASA State Pool.

It should be noted that Club DOC’s can also recommend in writing players to be evaluated. This enhances the relationship between club and ODP, allowing clubs to participate and make the program meaningful for all parties involved.  These recommendations are due to the Technical Director no later than August 15.


Below are the following ways players will be identified and invited to the program 

1.   State team members from the previous season will automatically be invited

2.   The players who have been identified through the scouting system

3.   Combine – There will be an open tryout in September & October and at the Technical Director's discretion.  

4.  For the youngest age group, the 2004 & 2005s, the trials will be held in November.  Therefore, all interested players are encouraged to participate in the Elite Player Development Program for the fall season.



The above groups in #1-3 will comprise a squad of players called the ‘State Pool’. The State Pool phase will take place in the Fall. This phase will consist of approximately 2-6 training opportunities.  Once you are invited into the State Pool you are eligible to attend any of the training events from September-DECEMBER.  The main training events are called State Pool Training Events and will be held in a central location.  All State Pool players are encouraged to attend these events so that the entire pool may be evaluated by the State Staff.  There will also be Regionalized events that will will be shorter in duration and conducted by State and Adjunct Staff.  It is ok if a player is absent from the first session because that player can still attend future training sessions until the State Team is selected. 

Alabama Soccer Association understands that conflicts will arise.  Players must register and attend at least one session to be considered for the State Team. After the fall training sessions/events, about 25-30 players for the older age groups will be selected in each age group to represent the ‘State Team’.  For the younger age groups (2002s, 2003s, 2004s, & 2005s) there may be two teams.  For the older age groups, the Technical Director may choose to also select a 2nd team, or 'Y State Team' that will consist of younger players born in the latter half of the ODP year (July-December).

The State Team(s) will train/compete from January through May, including an opportunity for at least one Sub-Regional event.  Training will typically occur on the last Sunday of each month in a centralized location.

In March, there is a possibility for some age groups to participate in an international trip.

In June, the players will participate in the Mini-Camp in preparation for the Region Trials.

The pinnacle for the ODP Season is to represent the state of Alabama at the ODP Region 3 Trials in July.


2004 & 2005 Age Groups

Alabama Soccer Association offers a program to our youngest age group, the Elite Player Development program, which will expose our players to the program and staff.  The 2004s & 2005s will tryout in late November.  Players that are interested in the program are encouraged to enroll in EPD for the fall season to continue to develop.  There will be an additional tryout in December;furthermore, an additional team could be formed for some players that are "late bloomers."   The tryout could consist of a weekend event, where players are placed on ‘teams’ and participate in games. Each ‘team’ has an adjunct staff coach which manages the group throughout the weekend. State Staff will observe and evaluate players, gaining input from the adjunct staff as well.


1.   The state reserves the right to add or release players at any time.  

2.   Click here for calendar for the specificity of events held and registration deadlines. 

3.   Click here for more information on the process/evaluation

4.  AHSAA players are allowed one "evaluation" per month based on AHSAA rules during their high school season.  For clarification, please contact AHSAA for questions.



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