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ODP Registration

Registration for events will close at 12 p.m. NOON on the deadline date.  

The purpose for this is to allow time for our staff to plan ahead accordingly for the right ratio of coaches, proper field space, and gear/jerseys.  Also, the ASA office only has 4 employees that oversee many other programs.  The noon time frame will allow time for assistance from our staff.

To check your account for registration verification/details, please click here for the info document.


For returning players/recommended players, you should have been sent an email from GotSoccer to complete the Initial Registration.  After completing the Initial Registration, the link for the ODP training schedule with times, agenda, etc can be found on the ODP Calendar page or click the following link:  ODP TRAINING CALENDAR.


We are currently using the GotSoccer platform for all ODP Registration.  If you do not have an account, you will be required to create a new account with GotSoccer for each player.  If you are unsure if you already have an account (as all ASA registered players will have an account, please contact Martha Disko).  If you need to create an account, it will take about 5-10 minutes to set-up your new account(s) and to complete the Inital registration. 

Please CLICK HERE for the instructions and contact ODP Administrator Martha Disko at  if you have any questions.  

Each individual player will need his/her own account.  For families with multiple children, please make sure that you create a profile for each child, then you can go and create a family account where you can log-in all of your family members at once.  See page 5 of the attachment for how to create a Family Account.


  • DOC/Club Recommendations were due by August 12th, 2016.  Some clubs have yet to send in recommendations.  Players recommended after that will only be accepted and invited at the discretion of the State Technical Director.
  • Invitations will be sent starting August 13th.
  • The Open Trials for any non-returning State Team Player or non-recommended players will be included into the State Pool Training events in late November TBD (schedule to be posted by September 15).
  • For the 2001-2004 age groups, the State Pool Training Phase (returning State Team members that attended Regional Trials in 2017, recommended players, and any players that receive invites from tryouts) will consist of 3-4 sessions from December until February.  The main State Pool Training Sessions are the most important ones to attend for evaluation purposes.  All State Pool players are strongly encouraged to attend these sessions so that the staff has an opportunity to evaluate each age group pool as a whole.  The State Team selections and alternates will be selected after the February Event.
  • The 2005/2006 age groups will be encouraged to participate in the Elite Player Development Program as a method to get to know more about the program including the staff, playing style, and system.
    • The EPD players can be overseen by the ODP Coaching Staff.
    • The 2005s/2006s will tryout in a tournament style format in November and possibly another open date in the spring (if necessary).
  • The RPL schedule for the youngest age group has not yet been released, but we will try to reschedule our spring events for the youngest age group if necessary so that we do not have conflicts like we did this year.

2001-2004 BIRTH YEARS

Alabama Soccer will host open tryouts TBD in the fall of 2017.  ASA will also institute a scouting system for the 2001-2004 age groups, which will be another method for identifying players.

Players will be evaluated primarily in events, such as State League, Region 3 Premier League, National League, State Cup, and Southern Regionals. The scouting staff will consist of ASA, Region 3, and US Soccer personnel. The ASA Technical Director will coordinate and have final approval on invitations to the ASA State Pool.

In the sometimes case that a player is missed or clubs do not send in recommendations, an Open Tryout may be scheduled only through permission of Technical Director Zac Crawford.  

2005 & 2006 BIRTH YEAR

Players born in 2005 are encouraged to participate in EPD for the Fall season.  For the youngest age groups (2005 and only very special 2006s, the open tryouts called the 2004 Tournament will take place in November.

For 2005 players who cannot attend the November TOURNAMENT/TRYOUT, there will be an additional date in December.


Coming Mid-September.

Please contact ODP Administrator Martha Disko for any questions regarding registration at