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Adult Insurance

ASA provides insurance coverage for league and tournament directors to include as part of their annual player registration fees. These comprehensive plans protect players, teams, leagues, and ASA in the event of claims arising out of soccer activities organized by ASA member organizations.

Secondary Policy

The accident secondary policy covers medical/dental expenses during sanctioned amateur soccer activities. The general liability policy protects members and ASA in the event they are sued for incidents involving bodily injury or property damage resulting from an amateur soccer activity.

File a Claim

To get started with the new online claim form, follow these steps:

(1) Go to

(2) Look for the “Click Here to File a Claim” button.

(3) Complete the online form by providing the required information.

(4) Upload any necessary supporting documents.

(5) Review your submission and submit the claim.

For more information on insurance, visit the USASA insurance page.