Alabama Female Coaches Group

This Group is currently not active as of May 2020. We are looking for someone to take the lead again and connect our coaches. If you are interested in leading this group, please contact Jennifer at 205-253-2277.

MISSION: The Alabama Female Coaches Group (AFCG) exists to connect female coaches with each other, provide educational opportunities, and create a network of support for each other from both male and female coaches.

We aspire to:

  • Connect-by connecting with other coaches (of all sports) here in Alabama and across the nation to exchange ideas, issues, and solutions that commonly arise as coaches of female players
  • Educate-by providing coaching education opportunities, mentorships, and information to help improve the quality of coaching for female players
  • Support-by creating a network of coaches to help support each other through mentorship, friendship, and networking. 

WHO: *Despite the group name, this group is open to males who coach female players as well as females who coach male players.  This group is being formed by soccer coaches but is open to all sports and we encourage other coaches, administrators, parents to also participate.  Alabama Soccer Association is the founding member.

PURPOSE: With about 50% of participants in youth sports being females, it is our purpose to bring attention to this half of the population by helping coaches further their players’ enjoyment of sport, increase their knowledge, and improve the quality of instruction.  It is also our purpose to help bridge the gap between male and female coaches.

WHEN: The AFCG will meet once per month via webinar/conference call.  Members are encouraged to interact with each other more frequently to build rapport among the group with face to face interactions.  We will also look to hold symposiums for creating connections and education opportunities.