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Conference Call Schedule

Boys Brackets

Girls Brackets

In the Fall we received several questions about Bracket Placement. Please note that the “A” “B” “C” “D” Labels were not available for all ages.  Anyone asking for A was placed in A. After that it fell to numbers of total teams registered for a particular age group. So, for example if an age group had a total of 7 “B” requests “1” C request and 8 “D” request, the age group would have ended up with an A, B & C bracket with the 8 “D” requests being placed in “C” (the lowest bracket for that age). If after A there were only 5 or 6 total teams registered for the age group, then there would only be 2 brackets A & B.  This process will continue for the Spring as well.

95% of the league schedules will be generated so you can see your teams’ opponents for league games.  You can also go to the website to see the entire call schedule and see if you were placed in a “B” bracket and there is no C or D for your age group then you are in the lowest bracket available.

 If there was anything that was too off balance, say you were the only team requesting D and every other team requested B, you were not just moved to a B bracket, your director would have gotten a phone call. From what I have seen most teams were placed in brackets with teams of the same requested bracket, just based on numbers few age groups have the numbers to support 4 brackets.

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Any changes from this point forward where a team elects a change, needs to go thru the Reschedule process and submit the Elected Reschedule Form. No changes will be made without the submitted form.  

ASL Rules & Procedures

ASA 22/23 Season Calendar – Updates coming soon!

May 16, 2022Tryouts for 13U and above
May 30, 2023Office Closed for Memorial Day Holiday
May 22, 2023Tryouts 9U – 12U
  NOW!2023-2024 Registration Open
June 28, 2023State League Registration Opens
July 5, 2023Office closed for Holiday
July 6, 2023State League Registration Deadline
July 21- 23, 2023Conference Call Scheduling 13U and above
July 29, 202311U – 12U Conference Call Scheduling – BOYS
July 30, 202311U – 12U – Conference Call Scheduling – GIRLS
August 1,2023Registration Ages roll over to new year
August 17,2022Alabama State League (ASL) play begins 13U & above
August 27, 2022Alabama State League (ASL) play begins 11U & 12U
September 4, 2023Office CLOSED – Labor Day Holiday

Referee Fees & Pay on the Field Instructions

For questions, contact Lynn Bertovic –