Below is a list of general forms used by member clubs throughout a season.

Returning Members

Affiliation Form – Each member must fill out a new Affiliation Form at the beginning of each year to be a sanctioned member.

ASA Fee Schedule – This document contains all fees associated with being a member of ASA.

Coaching Requirements & Recommendations – In an effort to create the best possible environment for player retention and development, we have set requirements and recommendations for coaching at each level in our state.

Player / Team

Concussion Procedure & Protocol

Possible Concussion Notification

Interstate Permission

Medical Release

Communicable Waiver- COVID19

Player Commitment Form

Player Release and Transfer

Spring Loan

Permission to Travel

Tournament Roster

Guest Player Form


Youth Insurance: File an Online Claim

Explanation of Insurance Coverages

Insurance Step-by-Step Process:

(1) Injured individual, guardian, or parent files a claim on PH Claims site.

(2) An FNOL (First Notice of Loss) is created by the PH system and included on Alabama Soccer Association dashboard.

(3) FNOL is verified by the State Soccer Administrator and either approved or denied.

(4a) If denied by Alabama Soccer Association, list the reason why and it will be sent in an email to claimant.

(4b) FNOL becomes a claim and moves into Claims dashboard.

(5) Third Party Claims Admin (Crawford) reaches out to athlete, parent, guardian who filed claim to gather necessary information for the claim. Crawford reviews policy and files all information.

(6) Claim is paid.