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ASA Futures League

The purpose of the Futures League is to provide a fun and organized grassroots level of a soccer community for players of all abilities and ages in appropriate levels of competition.  The league is mainly around Birmingham but we hope to grow and expand to reach across all of Alabama.

Our ASA Values


Enjoyment through learning individually and within a positive team environment to return again and again.

Safety to play in a positive environment to try new skills, at all levels, free from intimidation, harassment, and bullying.

Development to be the best player, coach, administrator, referee, or spectator that you can be each day.

Retention: The love of soccer is inclusive to all levels of play for age, gender, and abilities as a lifelong sport.

Community: Together, all things are possible to continue the values of the game beyond the boundaries of the field

Coaching Resources
ASA has created a Coach’s Workbook which can be use by everyone, but specifically designed for the Futures League Coach:


Individual Workbook Pages – Printable PDF:
Season Planning
Game Day Planning
Leading Players within the Team
Leading in a Performance Development Environment
Competition Safeguarding

Editable Workbook – Make a Copy then make it your own

US Soccer Player Development Framework & Learning Plans
US Soccer has created age group specific learning plans that include the developmental characteristics of the age group, developmental goals and needs, along with a Game Model or Style of Play coach’s can use!  See the links below:

U-7 – U8 Age Groups
U9 – U10 Age Groups
U11 – U12 Age Groups
U13 – U17 Age Groups