Youth Academy Program

The Youth Academy Program is comprised of sponsored Academy programs throughout the state. These programs, operated internally by our member clubs, are designed to promote holistic player development over team development in a child-centered environment for ages U8 to U11.

Youth Academy Format

The purpose of this format is to increase player enjoyment, development, and retention.

The Youth Academy Format provides opportunity for participating clubs to play developmentally appropriate games amongst other clubs within or outside of their geographic area. Games are played on weekends known as Playdates at a host club’s field. Participating clubs sign up for the Playdates they wish to attend during the calendar season.

In place of Tryouts, clubs hold Assessments/Evaluations before a season. After Assessments/Evaluations, an Academy Director places all players (U8-U11) within their age group into a Player Pool. Within the Pool, players train together in a child-centered environment following a developmentally appropriate curriculum. Coaches then place each player onto a developmentally appropriate team for each Playdate. Not having set “teams” gives coaches the opportunity to place each player based on their developmental needs for both training and games.

Become a Sponsored Program

The ASA Youth Academy Program is open to all member clubs with teams at the Academy Age Groups. A club’s status as a Sponsored Academy is reviewed annually and clubs may be denied should they not follow the Academy Standards.

If you would like to become a Youth Academy Sponsored Program, reach out to Gavin Owens – [email protected]

Affiliated Leagues

Not all Youth Academy Members face the same challenges. As such, the ASA Youth Academy Program recognizes affiliate leagues that operate within the Youth Academy Program Format.

Legion FC D-League