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Coaching Resources

Below you will find resources that are geared towards both new and experienced coaches. 

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An official Grassroots Education Partner of US Youth Soccer and Alabama Soccer Association, MOJO is your one-stop-shop for all things coaching! You can download the app on your phone and gain access to training plans complete with instructional videos as well as articles to help you best teach your athletes!

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USYS University

US Youth Soccer has created an extensive library of lesson plans, articles, and other resources to help coaches of all levels.

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TrueSport Coaching Certification

Do you want to teach your athletes more than skills? How can you help your athletes make good decisions in both sport and life? Have you asked yourself, “What kind of coach do I want to be?”

Enter the TrueSport Coaching Education Program powered by TrueSport, the outreach education arm of the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency, and USYS University Foundational Partner. This virtual, interactive program shows coaches how to develop a coaching philosophy, model healthy behaviors, and help their athletes makes good choices.

In the digital tutorial, coaches will work through four modules: Your Coaching Philosophy & Ethics; A Safe, Healthy, & Clean Sporting Environment; The Story Behind Supplements; The Story with Energy Drinks

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Use USYSTrueSport20 to receive 20% off the four-course bundle.

"Technical Director's Library"

Below is a list of books and podcasts that are recommended by Alabama Soccer Association’s Technical Director.


The Coaching Habit – Stanier

Presence – Amy Cuddy

Fierce Conversations – Susan Scott

Start With Why – Simon Sinek

Grit – Angela Duckworth

Midset – Carol Dweck

The Power of Moments – Chip & Dan Heath

The Agony of Victory – Steve Friedman

Outliers – Malcom Gladwell

Teach Like a Champion – Doug Lemov

Practice Perfect – Doug Lemov


The Talent Equation

Way of Champions