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Coaching Courses


Alabama Soccer Association, US Soccer, US Youth Soccer and NSCAA - Partners in Education


To request to host a US Soccer Course, please complete the Application to Host a Coaching Course and email to Technical Director Zac Crawford at

ASA SPECIAL TOPICS SYMPOSIUMS- by member club request. Topics can vary between Parent Education, Striking/Goalkeeping, Developmentally Appropriate Sessions, Specialized Coaching Education, Long Term Athlete Development, etc.

D License Schedule: click HERE for more info on the D License Course

Typical Schedule- Fri 5:30pm-9:30 pm, Sat 8:00 am-6:00 pm, Sun 8:00 am-6:00 pm
Cost-$125 for ASA Members, $165 for Non Members
D License Instructional Phase (1st Weekend)- Precourse Work is required.  Candidates are encouraged to register at least 4 weeks in advance.  Candidates must design and execute a session plan for each of the 3 topics listed in the Preparation Phase.  Click HERE for the list of topics. 
February 5th-7th, 2015: Birmingham, Alabama
REGISTRATION IS OPEN, CLICK HERE TO REGISTER NOW (Registration closes on January 28th)
COST: $125
Pre-Course Work Involves designing, submitting, and conducting/videoing training sessions from the 3 topics listed in the Preparation Phase (1 attacking, 1 defending, and 1 goalkeeping).
It is strongly suggested that candidates are currently coaching in the 12-14 year old range.
Minimum 15 candidates required
D License Performance Review Phase (2nd Weekend)-
Must have attended 1st weekend of Instructional Phase within the last year (completed all pre-course work, including designing, submitting, and conducting/videoing a field session).
May 13th-15th, 2016: Montgomery, AL
Registration not yet open, COST: $125

Typical Schedule- Fri 5:30pm-9:30 pm, Sat 8:00 am-6:00 pm, Sun 8:00 am-6:00 pm
Effective for 2015, all "E" License Candidates must complete the US Soccer "F" License before attending the "E" License Course.
Cost-$100 for ASA Members, $135 for Non Members
February 19th, 20th, & 21st (Fri-Sunday)
Location: Birmingham Metro Area
COSTS: $100 for members, $135 for Non Member
Future E License Courses are TBD based on community need per request.  ASA typically hosts 5-8 per year at various locations around the state.  A minimum of 15 candidates holding the US Soccer "F" License are required for a course to eligible to be hosted.

U.S. Soccer F License/Digital Coaching Center : 


U.S. Soccer Digital Coaching Center: click HERE for more information

The "F" License is done online in about 2 hours and costs $25.  Please click here to begin.
The U.S. Soccer Digital Coaching Center (DCC) is a state-of-the art online educational platform.

The DCC allows coaches to create a personal profile, register for courses, communicate with technical staff, take part in online courses, create session plans with an online graphics tool, access an archive of U.S. Soccer training sessions and much more.
At this time, U.S. Soccer only offers the F license course and the Planning tool in the DCC. More courses and content will be available later in 2015.


Youth Module Schedule - Click here


Are you an ASA affiliated club?  If you have 100% registration with ASA and USYS, you can host the Youth Module to your ASA registered coaches as part of your membership. 10 coaches are required to participate. Contact Technical Director Zac Crawford

Youth Module 1- U6 and U8

Youth Module 2- U10 and U12

National Youth Coaching CourseUS Youth Soccer National Youth Course

SCHEDULE: March 11-13 & 18-20, 2016

LOCATION: Fields-Vestavia Hills, AL- Sicard Hollow Athletic Complex, Classroom-TBA

The National Youth Coaching Course is designed to provide club directors of coaching, youth coaches, physical education teachers, and soccer administrators with the knowledge to successfully structure soccer environments for children aged 4-12.

The role of the coach as a facilitator is explored; the physical, mental and emotional needs and capabilities of players from 4-12 are explored; the lessons from developmental psychology are explored; and the art of teaching is explored. Candidates are videotaped for analysis during live training sessions.


NSCAA Courses 

The NSCAA LEVEL 1 Diploma Offered for FREE for all ASA Members

The NSCAA Level 1 Diploma is an online course that you can complete at your own pace.  It is not designed based on age, except for the 5 electives. Rather, it is designed to be important content for coaches for all ages.  Please see below for the topics and the time length each module takes to complete.

  • Principles of Coaching: 16.42
  • Planning for Player Development: 26.15
  • Developmentally Appropriate Coaching: 33.23
  • Small Sided Games: 29.24
  • Communication and Motivation: 13.40
  • Coaching Methodology: 30.25
  • Attacking Principles: 28.11
  • Defending Principles: 16.36
  • 5 Electives: About 20 mins each



SATURDAY January 23rd and SUNDAY January 24th, 2016- NSCAA Goalkeeping Diploma Level 1 and Level 2- Daphne, AL, CLICK HERE TO REGISTER NOWCost is $55 for Level 1 and $80 for Level 2 (bundled together is $130). Contact Jason Neumann

FRIDAY FEB. 12th and SATURDAY FEB. 13TH- NSCAA Level 5 Diploma- Hoover, AL, CLICK HERE TO REGISTER NOW. Cost is $105.  Contact Jason Neumann

SATURDAY JULY 9th and SUNDAY JULY 10th- NSCAA Goalkeeping Diploma Level 1 and Level 2- Hoover, AL, CLICK HERE TO REGISTER NOW. Cost is $55 for Level 1 and $80 for Level 2 (bundled together is $130). Contact Jason Neumann

SATURDAY JULY 16th and SUNDAY JULY 17th- NSCAA Goalkeeping Diploma Level 3- Hoover, AL, CLICK HERE TO REGISTER NOWCost is $205 and candidate must have completed Level 1 and Level 2). Contact Jason Neumann


Click here to request to host a course.

For a brief summary on each course, see Overview
For more on Licensing Standards, Click here

Cancel Policy

For all ASA Coach Education Courses

Effective June 1, 2015 the new ASA Coaching Education Course Refund Policy will be that once a candidate registers for the course, that candidate is scheduled to attend and the hosting association has made proper arrangements for instructors, classroom/field space, materials to accommodate that candidate.  

Therefore, no refunds will be issued, however, the fees may be rolled over to a future course within 1 year of the original registered course date. 

After one year, that roll-over expires and may not be used.

If a candidate registers for a course but attends only a portion of the course and then leaves, there will be no roll-over applied.

If a candidate registers and attends the majority of the course, but only misses a small portion of the course, at the discretion of the State Technical Director, the candidate can attend a future course to make up for the missed portion at no additional fee. ?

Candidates will receive a full refund for a Coaching Education Course that is cancelled by ASA 


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