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Across Borders League

The Across Borders League is an affiliate league of the Youth Academy Program and comprised of teams from Alabama and Mississippi for fall 2023.  

Across Borders League

ABL Purpose & Values

The purpose of the Across Borders League is to provide a playing format that allows clubs to focus on player development by having flexible player movement and a competitive level while coordinating the growth across USYS State Association lines.

ASA Values are:

Enjoyment through learning individually and within a positive team environment to return again and again.

Safety to play in a positive environment to try new skills, at all levels, free from intimidation, harassment, and bullying.

Development to be the best player, coach, administrator, referee, or spectator that you can be each day.

Retention: The love of soccer is inclusive to all levels of play for age, gender, and abilities as a lifelong sport.

Community: Together, all things are possible to continue the values of the game beyond the boundaries of the field.