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For the Good of the Game

Respect the Referee

We know everyone wants to enjoy watching the game their player is playing in and we know some games get a little intense.  ASA wants to help create a safe environment for everyone involved from the players to the coaches, spectators on the sidelines, parents trying to keep kids active, managers organize the chaos of each team, club directors overseeing the day-to-day activity, and referees because we need them in order to have games. 

We want everyone to return to the next training session, next game, and next season of play because we know soccer is a lifetime sport.

Referees have a tough job.  We have young referees who are new to their role and trying to learn all 17 Laws of the Game plus apply them to a moving game is hard.  Alabama Soccer Association (ASA) has created a Small Sided Referee Course to try and recruit, retain, and teach the game as a referee with our youngest players.  You will see them with bright new t-shirts…


  • Coaches and/or spectators are not to question the calls of the referees
  • Coaches and/or spectators are not to confront referees after a match regarding decisions made during the match.
  •  Abuse towards any referee will not be tolerated, any abuse towards a youth referee will result in more severe disciplinary action by ASA.  
  • The Coach is responsible for ensuring all spectators associated with his/her team follow these guidelines relating to communication with a youth referee..

Any club or organizations Board Members or Directors present at the game shall, if necessary, intervene in any coach, spectator, or other adult is criticizing or abusing a referee, verbally or otherwise and may take immediate and appropriate action.  Coach may also address the spectator.  This may include directing the offender to leave the site, and/or suspending or terminating the game.

Rules of Competition

Futures League (Formerly CASL)

  • Note new rules including Build out Line at Midfield for 7v7 9U-10U games
  • No slide tackling for all ages, no heading for 9U-12U, no punting for 9U-12U

Academy Leagues -DLeague and Across Borders League

Alabama State League (ASL

Don't Coach from the Sidelines