Return to Play Guidelines


We know everyone wants to return to the soccer fields with teammates, coaches, families, and friends. We are following a combination of guidelines from US Youth Soccer, US Soccer, and Alabama Public Health for a safer timeline to our soccer activities.

At this time, we are allowed to return to Social Distancing soccer activities with the amended Safer at Home guidelines. If you choose to stay home and train, couple of helpful training tools:

We are allowing social distance training May 22-June 14, 2020 based on Governor Ivey’s amended Safer at Home guidelines for Sports Activities

Specifically the Sports Activities Additional page will be followed along with local governance.

Common Practices for Returning to the Field

  • Waiver is REQUIRED and must be signed by all participants in any ASA program effective immediately. All youth players must have a parent/guardian signature. REQUIRED WAIVER
  • No one is allowed to participate in training sessions or games if they show signs or symptoms of COVID-19 in the past 14 days and have known exposure to someone that has been ill in the last 14 days
  • If anyone shows signs and/or symptoms of COVID-19, they must leave the sporting activity immediately and go seek medical care and/or testing for COVID-19.
  • Masks are required for anyone that is not directly involved with athletic activity – coaches, injured players, etc.
  • Anyone not directly involved in the training session will not be allowed in the complex (near training fields) –
    • We are limiting who is near the training fields
    • Social distancing between families is required in parking lots
  • Required Sanitizer stations throughout the complex and restrooms
  • Social distance training is only allowed at this time (May 22-June 14)
    • Limited to conditioning, skills and drills with maintained 6 feet of distance between participants is required
  • Players should bring their own ball and sanitize before/after training
  • No handshakes, high fives, or physical contact 
  • No shared water, drinks, or snacks – each player properly labels drinks and return to backpack
  • Please review US Youth Introduction of Principles and Responsibilities for clubs, coaches, parents, and players.  US Soccer also has a return to play guideline under US Soccer PLAY ON.  Your club may have additional responsibilities and requirements for all participants.

Starting JUNE 15

According to the amended Safer at Home orders, teams will be allowed to engage in competition with the above rules in place.  

  • Tryouts will be allowed starting June 15 for all ages  
  • Teams will be allowed to play in games
  • Travel Permits will be granted if the location they traveling to allows sports activities by their governance

Additional Return to Play Resources:

From our K&K Insurance Group here are their top questions

Return to Play

At a bare minimum, the state association and its member organizations, need to adhere to their state/local guidelines on resumption of sporting activities.  Follow their guidelines & directives closely and you will be operating in a reasonable and prudent manner from a risk management standpoint.  The state association can decide to be more restrictive than their state/local mandates as respects to return to play, just not any less restrictive.  Documentation will be very important.  By documenting positive actions taken by the association/club, you will be able to demonstrate that reasonable and prudent steps were undertaken and completed to keep players, staff, and spectators as safe from infection as possible.


Protective Face Coverings

Players should be allowed to wear a cloth, surgical, or similar face covering while playing soccer but do not mandate players wear one (leave it to the parent’s discretion) unless your state mandates face coverings need to be worn while playing athletic activities.


REQUIRED WAIVER: ASA Hold Harmless – Communicable